Old Towne Orange To Host OC's Newest Farmers Market

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Dave Lieberman

Old Towne Orange, were you feeling left out? While Irvine boasts at least three farmers markets occurring throughout the week, the City of Orange has, to my knowledge, only one.  That gathering is held on Thursday afternoons at the 1500 E. Village Way between Katella & Lincoln avenues on Tustin Street, near Sears. 

Now there's going to be a second farmers market; and from what we've read, it sounds like it has its eye on eventually challenging the Saturday UC Irvine Farmers Market.

There will be about 20 booths hawking and array of locally grown fruits and veggies, specialty foods, and all the other stuff you expect.  But the organizers--which include the Memphis guys, Gabbi Patrick of Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen and Slow Food OC--plan to expand to 30 vendor booths over time, if permits allow.

The grand opening occurs on Saturday, May 7, 2011.  It runs from eight in the morn through noon at Chapman University's historic Villa Park Orchards Packinghouse parking lot located at the northwest corner of Cypress Street and Palm Avenue, and will continue to happen every Saturday until November, rain or shine.

At the inaugural event, Sodexo Services at Chapman University will pour free coffee and give out complimentary cake.  Here's more from the press release:

"Recyclable tote bags will be given out to the first 200 patrons. There will also be a raffle to win a giant "Market basket," and the opportunity to meet Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche and City Councilwoman Tita Smith at the ribbon cutting ceremony at 8:00 a.m."

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City of Orange has two other Farmer's Markets. ONe that has been going on for decades near the old post office and one at the Village of Orange. This is just a rental group that puts on a market at Chapman University. I wish people would stop saying Orange finally has one. We've have had two other Farmer Markets for years. 


It's actually a non profit that puts on the new one.  Plus it is on a day that a majority of the public can actually attend instead of a day that many people work.


@DanGarion What time is the Sat. Farmer's Market open, I saw banners but didn't catch the time.


Yes, I've been to one in Old Town Orange a few years ago but it was pretty small. Hope there are more vendors at this one.


There are actually two Farmers Markets in Orange already, one in the mornings are The Village, and one in the afternoons next to the American Legion building in Old Towne (both on Thursdays).

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