A Documentary on The Crosby? Yup.

The Crosby Trailer from ChristianLong on Vimeo.

Yeah alright, we know we love The Crosby. That's no secret. But we don't seem to be the only ones. NxtLvlFilms, an indie outfit that puts out documentaries and shorts on the local music scene, has released what I've linked above: a teaser on the film its making on The Crosby.
The last one it did was called Ages, an artsy doc about an artsy music producer out of Santa Ana. This next video on Santa Ana's hipster-den-cum-restaurant looks to be just as, well...artsy, with gorgeous shots of street lights reflecting off rain-drenched Broadway, part of it filmed during Dee Nguyen's pop-up restaurant. Though I'm sure it'll focus a lot on the music, I hope for more than a little food porn from Aron Habiger's kitchen.

If you've actually missed all the coverage we've done on The Crosby: Read Dave Segal's story on their hard-won battle to open, my review, and Gustavo's recent post on their new sandwich.

**Thanks to Jay Ruiz for the tip on the teaser video.

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The Crosby - CLOSED

400 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA

Category: Music

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Michael Lundy
Michael Lundy

You motherfuckers obviously have no idea what the Crosby is all about. They're truly innovative there. They're different than every guidoed out club with 100 dollar bottle service, vip areas, and terrible progressive house music (I think that's about 90% of the clubs in Orange County). It truly goes beyond the food. They provide a unique experience musically/aesthetically that I guarantee you will not be able to find anywhere else in the OC. And yo SweetPea and the Late IXO, relax.

The Late Ixo
The Late Ixo

This is next-level film? Looks more like a PrevLvlCliché -- fast-forward, mood indigo, "No, no Morales, show people actually working!" -- like a class project at some community college that is mere shouting distance from UCxyz. No doubt, they're hoping for some kind of munch-slurp-chew food show on the cable. Amazing what a few-thousand bucks worth of digital equipment will do for the unemployed in Great Recessions these days.

The waitress was cute, I grant you.


Glad to see there is a documentary on this restaurant. How long has this place been open? I think an El Torito documentary would be more interesting after reading Gustavo's story.

I haven't been there. Is it really groundbreaking enough to warrant a documentary. Is their story that compelling? There has to be more than that going on in OC.

When am I getting my own documentary? Where do I sign up?

Daniel Samarin
Daniel Samarin

3 years and a couple weeks... showing the Crosby is definitely not 'struggling' in the least bit. I've seen them grow over the last 2 years and they've definitely got their shit together, all the while appealing to the artist scene (after all, the spot is in ARTIST'S VILLAGE).

sweetpea is just jealous nobody cares enough to make a documentary on him/her. The story behind The Crosby, I think, is interesting enough to warrant a doc. So why hate?


You sound so jaded. This is what "hipsters" do. They document the hip, champion the broke and celebrate their "scene".

They loathe companies started by hard working business people that become successful by playing to the masses, like so many a Foo Fighters songs. No, instead if you struggle to open a small eatery and then create a new sammich, they will celebrate like it is the creation of the telephone. However, if you start to franchise they will burn you at the stake and give you bad reviews on Twizzler or something.

Yes, celebrate the sammich, oh hipsters and the broke. Celebrate the illegals and whatever current cause is touchy feely. Yes, bemoan higher tuition and your lack of having taxable revenue, yet begging for more services from the backs of those who actually earn. Yes, document the Crosby, the gas station sammich place where the owner is a total dick and has no food chops in Santa Ana, yes, celebrate the waffle but forget that it comes from Roscoe's, which was waaaay hipper than hipster sammiches.

Party on, hipsters, party on.


you are a retard please shut up our iq`s have gone down way too much from that rant.

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