Nana Jean's Opens at Former Black Sheep Bistro Space in Tustin

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If you haven't subscribed to The Spoon Feed, OC Weekly's Dining Newsletter, you really, really should.  It's from there that I got the scoop on the recent opening of Nana Jean's, the family restaurant that took over the building Black Sheep Bistro left last year. 

Nana Jean's, The Spoon Feed reports, actually has a Nana Jean in Jean Harris, a grandma who "currently doubles as part-time chef and hospitality pro at her eponymous restaurant." She and her husband Mike Knieberg are first time restaurateurs who had great careers in the mortgage industry...but then the Crash happened.  Their website also makes reference to their story.

A braised lamb shank is the signature dish, as is Nana's mac and cheese. Check out the newsletter here, or better yet subscribe already!

303 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

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The Late Ixo
The Late Ixo

I wish I'd seen Edwin's post before driving past this new place for the first time around lunch this afternoon. I've been up for a couple of days and didn't have the energy to investigate on my own.

Sorry, "sweetpea," the place may very well not be good, but your review isn't convincing. What, specifically, did the owners do when they acted "a bit too high on the horse" for you, and why does having mac 'n cheese on the menu of a place named after a grandmother -- "Where everyone's family" -- cause you to be so unimpressed? They don't claim it's unique or the world's greatest, etc. Did you try the dish? What about the vodka-cured gravlax? Any of the four different grilled cheese sandwiches? The BLT pasta? Or the Rocky Road bread pudding? More details, puleeze.


Poorly run establishment in which the owners, especially the husband, act a bit too high on the horse.

The food is so-so... like really, who doesn't have mac n cheese on their menu these days. Not impressed at all. Bring back Black Sheep.


Your description of the food I can live with, as it's all subjective, but can you elaborate a bit on "poorly run"? Thanks.

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