Lawsuit Alleges Landmark Steakhouse Employees Referred to African-American Customer as 'McStinkynigger' and 'McNigshit'

In the Corona del Mar universe, Landmark Steakhouse is for MILFs-in-training, for gals not old enough for the Quiet Woman but too old to serve as eye candy over at Gulfstream. Its food is forgettable; its drinks pedestrian. I wouldn't go there if the meal was free, but I never once felt uncomfortable at the restaurant on account of my ethnicity or even my empty wallet.

Thank God I'm not Mark McHenry. In a federal lawsuit filed last Friday, McHenry--who is African-American--alleged Landmark employees replaced his name on credit card receipts with crude racial slurs--this, despite the fact he was a regular customer at Landmark.

The Orange County Register first broke this story, but them being a family paper, you couldn't make sense of what were the offending slurs. Thankfully, the Weekly ain't a family paper--and we have the offending receipts, which were part of the complaint filed.


Here's one. And now, the other:


Eek! The general manager and owner of the group that owns Landmark, CDM Restaurants, of course deny their establishments are racists, but the evidence presented above is pretty damn damning that they're at least guilty of having idiot employees. We'll see what a judge has to say...

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Landmark Steak House

3520 E. Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA

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