Unknown Bakery Replacing Pollo De Oro In Fullerton


Pollo De Oro closed in November, much to the chagrin of its loyal Mexi meal followers. Their golden bird was prepared rotisserie-style, with a crisp skin and juicy meat, for prices that gave crazy chickens a run for their money. However, the amiable Asian owner took down the web site along with his kitchen wisdom and vanished without a trace, most likely another casualty of that thing we call the economy.

But the beat goes on after the jump.

a sign of the times...
The windows are covered with brown paper, so there's no telling how far along they are to completion. It'll probably be a panaderia, but there isn't any info currently available. Hopefully Mr. Happy Loaf in the banner will be greeting us in the not-so-distant future. Next time you're at the adjacent post office, sniff the air for fresh baked goods and let us know.

Bakery El Panke will be opening at 1334 E. Chapman Ave, Fullerton.

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El Panke is finally opened. It is a great, beautiful bakery. Best of all the bake goods are outstanding. Plenty of variety to eat. It was surprising to see all the mini sweet breads and mini deserts.

John J.
John J.

I liked this place and will miss it. Great sides. I can't believe that the fly larva farm known as Rigoberto's Mexican Food across the street is still in business.

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