Jang Mo Gip Kimchi Big . . . in New York City?!

We here at SaFII have long loved Jang Mo Gip, the Garden Grove Korean restaurant most famous for its soups, whether haejangguk or seolleongtang. But at the Natural Products Expo last month in Anaheim, I saw a stall advertising Mother In Law's Kimchi. I had heard about the product before but figured it was an attempt to hipster-ize kimchi.

Color me floored, then, when I discovered Mother In Law's is run by the daughter of the family that runs Jang Mo Gip.

Lauryn Chun started Mother In Law's in New York City, according to the post from the Village Voice (and thanks a lot for not alerting us to the story, editor Tony Ortega!). Over there, Chun hosts wine and kimchi pairings--sure, if that helps sell product, I guess. But the recipe is her mother's, and it's what we at Jang Mo Gip have eaten for years.

Congrats, Chuns, on trying to spread kimchi's gospel to the rest of America, and let us know if you have any events out here. . . .

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Jang Mo Gip

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Thanks for the shout out, Tony! I want to comment that the restaurant is at new location on 9816 Garden Grove Blvd. in Hanmi Bank Plaza. Don't let the old location fool you... it's another imposter soup restaurant so the soups and kimchi won't be the same as the original 21 year old Mother in Law's House.

Latonya "Keed" Bunn
Latonya "Keed" Bunn

Spread kimchi's gospel to the rest of America?? I guess if you're stuck in OC and have only lived in or traveled to places like stinky, funkless Denver you don' know whut yer missin'. That may be good, actually.


Correction: Thanks for the shout out, Gustavo!! Way to bring our MILKimchi story back home to O.C.


I suggest you read the whole article instead of the last line...

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