Habitat ReStore to Host Earth Weekend Clustertruck

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The Habitat for Humanity ReStore--you know, where houses that are "deconstructed" end up on shelves of used and surplus building materials, like Lowe's with a higher calling--will host a clustertruck this weekend. Come to the store and check out a greener way to remodel your home, using existing materials, and have lunch while you're at it.

Both the Burnt Truck and Dos Chinos will be there, in case you don't want to deal with the Cooking Channel filming the following weekend, as well as Oh For Sweets' Sake, Swinging Kitchen, Fresh Fries, Get Flipped Out, and Rancho A Go Go.

The clustertruck will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 23rd at the Garden Grove ReStore, 12827 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove.

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Parley Baer
Parley Baer

While you're at it, contribute money to Habitat for Humanity. Some years ago a long-time Habitat volunteer saved my life in a boating mishap. I met his wonderful family and saw how committed he was to the cause. I made a substantial donation out of gratitude, but it's an organization that deserves regular support from charitable givers.

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