[UPDATED: SOLD OUT] Cheese 101 Workshop at The Bruery Provisions

cheese101.jpg Wanna be a cheese whiz? (Okay, was cheesy.) The Bruery Provisions in Orange, the gleaming retail offshoot of OC's most renowned craft brewery, is hosting Cheese 101: Recognize the Rind, the first in a new monthly series of cheese classes. Led by "Bruery Cheesemonger" Kendra Birdwel, the course will cover everything from cheese styles to cheese making to cheese pairing. Impress all your friends when you host your next party.

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The class description: 

Cheese 101 Recognize the Rind is a class for people who want to learn more about the wonderful world of cheese! Sit and relax and enjoy a plate of some of the world's most renowned cheeses, all while learning about types of milk, styles of cheese, cheese-making and cheese-pairing fundamentals. Also includes chosen cheese accompaniments and tasting notes to take home. Flex your cheese know-how next time you're behind our cheese counter or planning an event!

90-minute curriculum: 

six cheeses with chosen accompaniments and water

cheeses include: Picandou Frais, Delice de Cremier, Reblochon, Landaff Cheddar, Krummenschwiler Swiss, and Colston Bassett Stilton

styles: soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, hard, blue, others

types: goat, sheep, cow, others

cheese-making: conditions, seasons, rennet, processed

raw versus pasteurized

how to choose and buy cheese

cheese-pairing fundamentals

caring for cheese: wrapping, cross-contamination, temperature

cheese lingo and tasting notes to take home 

The class is from 8 p.m.-9:30 p.m. on April 30 20, and the cost is $30 class is SOLD OUT. To sign up, call (714) 997-2337 or visit the shop, anyway!

Bruery Provisions, 143 N. Glassell, Orange; (714) 997-2337, www.brueryprovisions.com

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The Bruery Provisions - CLOSED

143 N. Glassell St., Orange, CA

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