Carl's Jr. Turkey Burger: Not Bad

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During last week's Carl's Jr. Missed Connection, I mentioned that I was waiting patiently for a turkey burger and a salad. This is a new development at Carl's Jr., whose advertising for the last half-decade has revolved around manly men doing manly things and eating 1,000-calorie hamburgers.

They've paired up with Men's Health and the "Eat This, Not That" folks to create a trio of turkey burgers, based (of course) on white-meat turkey breast, and all less than 500 calories.

I've had the standard bird burger and the guacamole bird burger, and the guacamole is far superior. The turkey itself is thick enough to be substantial without being overwhelming (are you listening, Red Robin?) and it actually has some taste, though in the case of the guacamole burger it's got just a little too much of the spicy seasoning on it. It's not too spicy, it's just distracting.

It's not going to scratch my itch when I'm craving a piece of charbroiled dead cow, but if I tagged along to a lunch outing to Carl's Jr., I'd happily order it. Just remember that an order of small fries will add 310 calories, and if you fall for their bullshit up-sell "would you like that medium or large?" you're looking at another 430 to 470 calories, at which point you might as well eat another burger instead.

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+1 on the Miss Turkey ads. Audrian Patridge was a good one too. -1 on Paris Hilton though.


I must admit, I love the "Miss Turkey" ad. Sort of clever, and I'll take a gorgeous, dark haired European woman over Paris Hilton or Audrina Patridge any day.

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