Can Wholesome Choice's Shallot Yogurt Dip Work on Tacos?

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Maybe my chica should open a Mexi-Persi taquería...

My chica made great tilapia tacos last week, but we differed on our choice of dairy. She's a half-Mexi so is more than happy to put shredded Cheddar cheese on tacos; I don't think it's necessarily heresy, but I do prefer crema fresca or any other cheese besides that yellow blizzard.

And that's how I came to put Wholesome Choice's must-o-musir on my Mexican food.
That's the official name, of course, for what those of us who aren't blessed to know Farsi call yogurt with shallots, which Wholesome Choice sells by the bucketful. It's a sharp, cooling complement to Persian food's hearty, complex nature, and I had a bunch because we had bought some sangak the previous week--but could it work on tacos?

And the verdict--delicious. The shallot brought a bite my Mexi palate has never previously associated with tacos that didn't also bring heat. Must-o-musir is saltier than crema, so I'll probably stick with the crema. But I can see some whiz kids create some fusion out of a relatively seamless marriage--maybe a fessenjoon burrito? Kofta torta? Taco Asylum--are you listening?

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