Bring A Friend To Veggie Grill Virgin Night, Get A Free Dinner!

Veggie Grill AllHailKale 007.jpg
All Hail Kale! (It's the name of their dish, not our exhortation--although kale is good...)

In yet another Earth Week celebration special, the gang over at Veggie Grill is holding a Virgin Night this evening from 4-10 p.m. at ALL locations.

Before we lose you to your imagination, take a pause to ponder what this means; then make the jump for the secret phrase.

Simply notify your cashier that you have a VG Virgin with you, and you'll have one entree comped. Easy-peasy, right? They allow one Veggie Grill Virgin per experienced Veggie Griller. Oh, and no solo virgins.

While most diners are omnivores, the VG team is capable of impressing those least likely to believe with rich marinades and hearty proteins. Beginners will approve of the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin', with its Southwestern spiced vegan mayo. Their sweetheart sweet potato fries rival those at The Counter.

Bring a friend you owe a meal to, and you'll fulfill that promise quickly and with some spare change.

The Veggie Grill has two Orange County locations in Irvine. For a complete listing of places, please click here.

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