'Will' & Kate Souvenir Coffee Mug: Honest Mistake, Brilliant Scheme--Or Something Else?

Like LiLo court coverage, details on the nuptials of the century are all but impossible to avoid in the news. One detail, however, managed to slip under the radar of salesmen trying to make a fast pound. Those precious mugs of Kate Catherine and her man-who-would-be-king, William, feature his brother, Harry.

U.K.'s The Telegraph reported the photo faux pas, giving conflicting information as to who was at fault for this case of mistaken identity. On the surface, Asian manufacturer Guangdong should take this kitsch mug off its homepage already. If you can read the fine print, though, note its registration in England and Wales. 

Sounds like someone slipped a little something in the graphic designers' tea and crumpets. . . .

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