Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Metal In Taco Bell Burritos?

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There was an inordinate number of shootings at Taco Bells this past week--nothing as lunatic as what happened in San Antonio last week, and thankfully none fatal. Instead, the worst crime this week is a man finding a ball bearing in his burrito.

From the Charleston area (and quick aside: how dumb are you to be eating the Bell in the land of shrimp and grits?):

Sam Holdren of Winfield discovered something extra in a burrito he ordered from the Patrick Street plaza Taco Bell Wednesday night.

Holdren said he had been out of town, and when his flight landed, he stopped at the restaurant for food on his way home. He ate as he drove, and in one bite, he felt something odd. He pulled over and found what looked like a ball bearing.

"I'm not looking for any recourse. It just needs to be . . . the quality control needs to be better than what it is right now; somebody needs to be watching this," Holdren said.

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