St. Paddy's Day the OC Way: Irish Tortas, Anyone?

Quick, what's the most Orange County way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Okay, yes, corned-beef pho would probably be the right answer. What's the second best?

Irish-Mexican mash-ups! And that's exactly what Fullerton's (O')Matador Cantina is doing. Corned-beef-and-cabbage fajitas? Sounds better than boiled dinner, especially if there were a pairing with potato tacos. Irish tortas, corned-beef sliders, the required cerveza verde. . . .

One question, though, Matador muchachos: Why, for the love of blarnita, would you put Bushmills on special? Anyone who has ever set foot across the southern border knows that Mexicans drink "Bucanas"--Buchanan's Irish Whisky. Put the 12-year on sale, then start selling the more expensive 18-year once the irritating bagpipe music has pushed people to drink more heavily.

(Hat tip to Christian from Orange County Mexican Restaurants for the find.)

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Matador Cantina

111 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA

Category: Music

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his is a very confused little train wreck of cultures: Buchanan's is scotch, not Irish whisky.


St Patrick would be horrified to see the immoral modern liberals turn his life's work into a beer drinking day of gluttony.


And St. Patrick would be horrified to see a racist like you defend his honor. Of course, what else would we expect from a pendejo Protestant?

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