Santa Ana Man Popped for Hiding Cocaine in Napkin Dispensers at His Pizzeria

Flickr user Kazanjy
In 2009, Santa Ana police served a search warrant on Alfredo Ruvalcaba Lariz, owner of Alfredo's Pizza, which is best known in the city for serving humongous pies. A tipster told authorities Lariz served a different kind of powder as well: cocaine.

Police combed through Alfredo's and found a briefcase filled with cocaine and documents containing Lariz's name. But the unlikeliest place they found the drug were the 15 bindles inside a napkin dispenser. Busted!

Lariz pleaded guilty in 2010 to possession with intent to sell. But he appealed his decision to the California Court of Appeal, trying to overturn the search warrant and make the Orange County district attorney's office disclose the name of the snitch who sent him to the slammer. This week, the court denied his motion, so he'll most likely spend a whopping 270 days in county jail.

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I don't remember ever seeing this product on their menu...


I'm confused (and I blame myself). 'served a different kind of powder as well' - from what other kind? Also not sure what 'most likely making pies of another nature' is alluding to?

Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda

Ha ha! Prison rape is SO HILARIOUS! I think it's funny when people are tortured too!

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