Paul Fleming Plans a Paul Martin's American Bistro at Irvine Spectrum

Paul Fleming, the man behind Fleming's Steakhouse and the P.F. in P.F. Chang's, has plans to open the first OC location of Paul Martin's American Bistro. Though one wonders why he didn't just call it "Paul Fleming's American Bistro," his landlords, the Irvine Co., said yesterday in their press release the restaurant plans to debut in the fall at Irvine Spectrum Center.

The more than 8,000-square-foot space they've claimed will be dedicated to serving "locally grown, organic and seasonal foods," but who doesn't these days?

Among the dishes to look forward to, which are already being served at an El Segundo location: "cedar-planked salmon baked with shallots and bacon; sautéed Bloomsdale spinach and crimini-mushroom jus; brick chicken from Pitman Family Farms, with mashed potatoes and fresh herb jus; and a Bistro Burger, with fresh prime chuck from Myers Ranch all-natural herd."

With this news, Irvine Spectrum Center becomes the nexus of OC's newest restaurants. Cucina Enoteca, Capital and Wood Ranch BBQ are all also expected to open there in the near future.

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Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Exactly where is the local, seasonal salmon coming from? The last I checked there were no salmon fisheries within about 500 miles of here.


Here is the lowdown on the Salmon:

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Serves Columbia River Sustainable SalmonBy CINDY | Published: OCTOBER 4, 2010By John of Paul Martin’s American BistroDear Fish Loving PMABBERS…I know the whole salmon thing is confusing, since many people call what we, at Paul Martin’s American Bistro are serving “Steelhead Trout” and others refer to it as “Steelhead Salmon,” and still others call it “Rainbow Trout.” For any of you who are interested, here’s the technical answer:Steelhead Salmon and Rainbow Trout are the same species, both having the scientific name Oncorhynchus mykiss. The main difference is that Rainbow Trout spends their life in fresh water, but Steelhead (O. mykiss) are anadromous, meaning that they live in both fresh and salt water. On average, O. mykiss will live for around 7 years in fresh water, and then 3 years in salt water, where they can travel hundreds of miles before returning to fresh water to spawn. Each adult female can lay 1000 eggs, but usually only one will survive. Unlike other salmon, Steelhead do not die after spawning.While an adult can weigh up to 40 pounds, Steelheads average between 8 and 11 pounds. These fish have two maturing seasons: those that return to fresh water between May and October are called Summer Steelhead, maturing in the stream, and those that mature in the Ocean return between November and April and are called Winter Steelhead. Wild salmon are endangered, but we get ours from a sustainable source in the Columbia River. The main factors for decline are logging, genetic introgression with hatchery fish, agriculture and development, fishing, and dams.TaxonomyKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: OsteichthyesOrder: SalmoniformesFamily: SalmonidaeGenus: OncorhynchusSpecies: mykissI have plenty of information if you are still interested.Join us at Paul Martin’s American Bistro for our delicious salmon entrees!  Eat Up!JohnPaul Martin’s American Bistro, El Segundo: 2361 Rosecrans Ave., #180  310-643-9300Paul Martin’s American Bistro Roseville: 1455 Eureka Road, #100, 916-783-3600

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