Taco Bell Thinks Shrimp Are 'Fancy Party' Food

Shrimp prices on the commodity market are near an all-time high--nearly $8 per pound, according to the latest figures, but wayyyyyyy below the $189-per-pound price at which the International Monetary Fund is pegging beef prices. Shrimp was always the one seafood we could afford to bring home, the bottom feeder present in nearly all cuisines that offer seafood to masquerade as a poor man's lobster.

But Taco Bell thinks otherwise while promoting its new Pacific Shrimp tacos and burritos.

To promote its new product, the Irvine-based giant has launched a campaign that ludicrously posits shrimp as a rich man's pleasure. ""Shrimp-lovers don't need to crash a fancy party to enjoy premium, seasoned-to-perfection shrimp," Taco Bell chief marketing officer David Ovens says in one of the company's press releases. Accompanying it is a plug for its latest marketing campaign: two guys who crash fancy parties worldwide for "great" shrimp.

Crash a party for shrimp? Hell, go get them in a taco at a mariscos lonchera for about the same price as the "special."

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Most fast food companies highlight sea food related items on their menu this time of year. I think there is a strong correlation to Lent being around the same time. This should not take away from the fact that these shrimp party crasher commercials are totally stupid. David Ovens should be fired...

Chubby Chick
Chubby Chick

I really hope they put out a shrimp taco topped with fritos.

I don't care, I still love their crunchy tacos and nachos.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

I see Taco Bell has put both shrimp that that taco probably contains on one end for photo purposes. I have to assume the rest of that is empty (or iceberg lettuce-filled) tortilla.

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