Where In OC to Get Your Cafe Du Monde Beignet and Coffee and Chicory Fix for Mardi Gras

If you're one of the fortunate party-goers headed to the Big Easy this month, then go to Party City for your beads--this post isn't for you. If you are like most of us and miss the sweet, sweet combination of this French Market doughnut and strong chicory coffee, here's two ways to take care of that, after the jump.  Both take a little work, but beggars aren't choosers.

One can go the easy way and purchase freshly fried beignets from Jazz Kitchen Express at Downtown Disney (not the real deal, of course, but nearly up to the task), or you can rely on the source: Along the wall by the Express entrance is an entire display of the mix for sale.  Serious cooks will balk at the $9.99 price tag and opt to make them from scratch instead.  However, if you tried ordering it off Cafe Du Monde's website, the box already clears $10 after shipping. Finding cottonseed oil for frying might be your only other obstacle, but that's your problem.   

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The signature blend of coffee and roasted chicory is easily found, however, at 99 Ranch and  Vietnamese coffee shops, a recent phenomenon (like the crawfish houses) of Vietnamese from Louisiana coming to LIttle Saigon after Hurricane Katrina and taking along with them parts of their adopted culture. For folks who conduct their brewing from the comfort of home, this is simply a matter of battling your local Asian strip-mall parking lot for the legendarily additive.

Whatever you decide to do, Laissez bon temps rouler! Now, go get your beads . . .

Jazz Kitchen Express, 1590 S. Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, (714) 776-5200.
For your nearest 99 Ranch Market location, visit www.99ranch.com.

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