Karl Lagerfeld Gives Diet Coke Bottles a Makeover

That classic silver can is so last season, darlin'.

Fashion virtuoso Karl Lagerfeld, who reportedly only drinks Pepsi Black, has given Diet Coke bottles a makeover as part of a campaign called "Love It Light." Who knew they'd look so fab in stripes?

The special, limited-edition collection will be available in specialty stores in June 2011, according to Popsop. Shades not included. . . .

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No!!! Coke you had done such a great job sticking with the new/old brand identity. Remember what your agency said - “If it doesn’t add anything we take it away.” This doesn't add anything.

Toby Lou Rowen
Toby Lou Rowen

One advantage of the striped bottle is that you can spin it to make a poison victim puke, knock out a patient for an emergency tracheotomy (ball-point pen included), or hypnotize an unsuspecting mark. "When I snap my fingers you will wake up, refreshed, and never again bury bones in Mrs. Johnson's yard."

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