INFOGRAPHIC: How to Make Beer at Home

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Give a man a beer, and he'll barely have a buzz. Teach a man how to make beer, and he'll suddenly become awesome.

Yes, beer, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems (or says Homer Simpson), can flow as freely at home as it does at the bar. All you need is the right equipment, ingredients and recipe--and lots of patience.  

With the help of artist Tyler Hoehne, we've put together an infographic showing the basic homebrewing process. 

Click to enlarge!

Thirsty for more?

Up next: Meet the Barley Bandits, OC's oldest homebrewers club, and see how it's done--in photos. 

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Sober Verbal
Sober Verbal

"Teach a man how to make beer, and he'll suddenly become awesome."

Almost right. Give a man too much beer (or any kind of alcohol) to drink, and he'll start using annoying clichés like awesome, sourced, and curated, the required amount being directly proportional to his education level and inversely proportional to his need to fit in. Amaaazing that.

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