Diet Coke Now Outselling Pepsi--Are the Cola Wars Finally Over?

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is reporting (via the subscriber-only Beverage Digest) that "a historic shift for the beverage industry" has occurred: Diet Coke is now outselling longtime second-place holder Pepsi. Last year, Coca-Cola's junior product sold 9.9 percent of all sodas in the United States, just ahead of Pepsi's 9.5 percent share; both paled to regular Coke's mighty 17 percent (!) share.

Of course, AdAge being AdAge, most of its story focuses on the advertising angle of the story, but it is a fascinating study in Pepi's missteps. Given I've always drank orange-flavored sodas, I'm a slave to both companies, so I don't care either way. I will say, however, that Diet Coke's flavor is the lesser of the three, so now that it's the second-best-selling cola in the country reminds me of an old MAD comic that had a fat guy saying, "I'll order that seventh cheeseburger without cheese; I'm on a diet."

Of course, the best article on the Cola Wars is from the late, great Library,

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Make mine a Coke Classic.

Or if necessary, a Shasta Coke.

Pepsi - no thanks.

Nikki Jayne
Nikki Jayne

Pepsi and Pepsi Max are both far too sweet, which is why I drink Diet Coke.


Pepsi needs to revive Joan Crawford! She did amazing things for their sales in the 50's and 60's as their spokesperson. Who would ever turn down a Pepsi if Ms. Crawford insisted you try it? I know I wouldn't!

Raul Pena27
Raul Pena27

Good idea. Just make sure there are NO WIRE HANGERS in the commercial.

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