Cracker Barrel Releases Another Top-Selling Country Album, This Time With Kenny Rogers!

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I'm sorry, but I can't get enough of Cracker Barrel, the Denny's of the South that's now turning into the Grand Ole Opry of chain restaurants. Actually, I'm not sorry: It's releasing some good jams, available exclusively at its restaurants, none of which are in California. It was the Grascals earlier this year, with their bluegrass-charts-topping record; now it's the Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers!
His record: The Love of God, a collection of Christian hymns and contemporary Christian music. Rogers could probably get a best-seller hawking albums on the 127 Garage Sale, but the Cracker Barrel connection didn't help: the album debuted at the No. 8 slot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, No. 2 on the Top Christian Albums chart, and No. 31 on the overall Billboard 200.

Good for you, Kenny! But we're still waiting for an exclusive-to-Cracker-Barrel album of you and another Cracker Barrel artist: Dolly . . .

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Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.
Arby Trent Darby, Ph.D.

"Cracker Barrel, the Denny's of the South"?!

It may be Hoke City, but Cracker Barrel is oodles of magnitude above Denny's, IHOP, and all those other poorly run crap-cages of the unconscious diner. For an inexpensive chain, CB is, in fact, great -- the grits, real country ham, red-eye gravy, biscuits, pecan pancakes or waffles with individual small bottles of maple syrup, BBQ beef sandwiches, chicken with dumplings, greens, pinto beans with ham, .... and a truly hokey old-time store that sells, not only the moral (and, probably, physical) equivalent of Velvet Elvis, but also Valomilks, pecan logs, and other candies of youth and longing. If I go anywhere near the closest Cracker Barrel state, Arizona, I always stop at a CB and bring as much home as I can. I've even been to the one in Naples, FL, where something dreadful happened to three employees on the morning of November 15, 1995. R.I.P.

On a Saturday or Sunday morning around the country, it takes an hour or more to get a table at a CB, and everyone thinks it's worth it. Imagine the business they could do at a branch near Disneyland, with all the visitors and locals from the Midwest and South. If you want one of them there Cracker Barrels, too, go to the Web site ( ), click the link, and tell them you'd love to see a Cracker Barrel in Southern California. Your friends and family will be forever grateful.

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