Cracker Barrel Releases Another Top-Selling Country Album, This Time With Kenny Rogers!

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I'm sorry, but I can't get enough of Cracker Barrel, the Denny's of the South that's now turning into the Grand Ole Opry of chain restaurants. Actually, I'm not sorry: It's releasing some good jams, available exclusively at its restaurants, none of which are in California. It was the Grascals earlier this year, with their bluegrass-charts-topping record; now it's the Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers!
His record: The Love of God, a collection of Christian hymns and contemporary Christian music. Rogers could probably get a best-seller hawking albums on the 127 Garage Sale, but the Cracker Barrel connection didn't help: the album debuted at the No. 8 slot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, No. 2 on the Top Christian Albums chart, and No. 31 on the overall Billboard 200.

Good for you, Kenny! But we're still waiting for an exclusive-to-Cracker-Barrel album of you and another Cracker Barrel artist: Dolly . . .

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