Cereal Bowls: The Frugal iPhone Owner's Portable Speaker

but where do the batteries go?

Behold, the AT&T (and Verizon and eventually T-Mobile) owner's new BFF: the cereal bowl.

Found in the current issue of Real Simple, under the column "New Uses for Old Things." The magazine claims the container's concave shape will amplify sound, so I put it to the test.
"Ladies Night" never sounded more groove-worthy from my phone.

Is there a market for this? Classify them as portable dorm-room stereo systems, or I could cut a deal with 99-Cent Only stores. How about a new way to store your precious while you FaceTime?

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...And just when I was going to finally spring for an iHome.

Shuji Sakai
Shuji Sakai

Mount a bowl on your car dash for hands-free speakerphone!! Improve your cell reception!! Keep your phone from overheating! Now how much would you pay?

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