CBS LA and Food & Wine Put Out Best Burgers Lists

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Edwin Goei
For some reason, both CBS Los Angeles and Food & Wine Magazine published a list of their favorite burgers around the same time this week. The former focused on LA burgers; the latter cast its net nationally.

Though there's nothing really new to glean from either roster (except maybe some tasty pictures of medium-rare patties), as far as Food & Wine is concerned, In-N-Out and Father's Office are two of the most noteworthy burgers in LA. Fine, it's their list. But why, in a countdown of "The Best Burgers In the U.S.," did they include an ahi burger?

In any case, In-N-Out and Father's Office also happen to be where the two lists intersect. Both get nods on CBS's roster of LA's best burgers. But I laud CBS for actually including a solitary two Orange County burgers in Haven Gastropub's and Riders Club Cafe's.

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