¡Ask a Comida Critic! Best Food Video of All Time?

I answer them how I get them folks, so I turn the mic over to Luis:

What's your favorite YouTube food video?

Easy--but it wasn't originally a YouTube video. It came from eBaum's World, my introduction to Internet videos from a looooooong time ago. There is where I saw Afro-Ninja for the first time, where I once saw some teen surfing on a truck, one foot steering while the other was on the roof--until the truck flipped.

And that's where I also saw my favorite food video, one I've used more than a few times on this infernal blog. After the jump!

So it's not the most sophisticated of videos, but it does epitomize modern-day America at its best: curious, too much bravura and HILARIOUS.

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Do any of the myriad Youtube brawls that take place in or directly outside of fast food joints count? If so, I choose the Oakland one. Oh wait, there's a handful of those. I mean the one outside an Oakland Burger King, involving hookers, one of which was pregnant. That shit is like the Gravity's Rainbow of fast food fights.

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