320 Main Makes Jonathan Gold's List of LA's 55 Best Cocktails!

Seal Beach: Not LA, but who cares?
LA Weekly's Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold's list of Los Angeles' 55 best cocktails is essential reading, not so much for the drunk aspect, but more to hear him drop history bits on cocktails, restaurants and so much more.

But nothing blew me away as much as Mr. Gold's inclusion of Seal Beach's 320 Main Street (our winner last year for Best Happy Hour in OC) on his list. It's a wonderful place to get sloshed, and an invite-only meeting of bartenders and mixologists happens more often than not at the place--but Seal Beach is OC, not LA. Yet they snuck onto the list! DAMN, SON!
Mr. Gold's write-up concentrates more on the name behind the drink he chose--Sweet Bricia--than the drink itself (of 320 Main, all he says is that it's "well-regarded"). Bricia Lopez is the daughter of the founder of the Guelaguetza empire, and she has more than a few drinks named after her in Los Angeles. But even at 320 Main? Yep--head mixer Jason Schiffer has a highball named in her honor.

This isn't the first time a Schiffer creation graced the universe of LA Weekly: earlier this year, his Earl Gray Martinez got a shout-out in Squid Ink, our sister food blog. Congrats to 320 Main for the honors; now, maybe I can finally get over what I've held against you for so long. . . .

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Manners Bananas
Manners Bananas

According to the ubergeek, OC is not LA. Was goin on hier? Better get my crew to check this out.


320 Main is a future landmark because of the strong leadership and excellent craftsmanship of the owner. I've never seen any bartender with Jason's passion for excellence. As you sit at his bar and watch him work you realize you're watching a true artist.


Gustavo! Thank you for the shout-out, we were surprised and honored to be included as well. We are proud to be an OC spot and luckily the whole Southern California cocktail community is pretty close. Hopefully your beef was with the old ownership, but if not, maybe we can find a resolution at the bottom of a good bottle of mezcal.



Wait, there was a change in ownership?! Now it all makes sense...expect a visit soon from someone, and congrats again!

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