Soup Dumplings in Mini-Tart Tins: Why Hasn't Anyone Else Thought of This?

Ocean Star, in LA's new Chinatown in Monterey Park, now serves Shanghai-style soup dumplings, called 小籠包--xiao long bao. The problem with most services of soup dumplings is that they arrive four or eight to an order still in the steamer basket, and the act of transferring them to a spoon, dipping them in the sauce, etc. inevitably tears the dough, releasing the hot soup everywhere but where it's supposed to go.

Ocean Star has gone back to the true meaning of the morsels (the Chinese name means "little basket buns") and steams them in individual, flexible mini-tart tins. Take one from the steamer basket and manhandle it into your mouth if you like; even if it bursts, the tart tin will catch the juice, allowing you to have the whole dumpling at once.

Why doesn't anyone else do this?

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I'm not a big fan of the mini tins. If you have the chopstick skills, transferring the XLB from bamboo steamer basket to spoon without breaking the skin shouldn't be a problem at all!

Parley Baer
Parley Baer

"Why doesn't anyone else do this?"

Because the roots of our raisin' run deep. But I'm sure you mean, "Who else does this?" It's a fine idea.

Miyunga says Capital Seafood -- are their XLB capital? Anywhere else?


Capital Seafood in Irvine has been doing this.

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