Tustin's Roma D'Italia Reopens Tomorrow

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Edwin Goei

Tustin's 50-year-old red-sauce institution, Roma D'Italia, shut down last fall to make way for a major remodel of the place. "Our building is starting to show its age, so we've decided it is time to make a few upgrades so that we can be here to serve you for another 50 years," the restaurant's website says.

Edwin Goei

Tomorrow, Feb. 15, will be the first day of the next 50 years. The restaurant reopens with a new façade, 50-person banquet room and restrooms, plus a roof "that does not leak on our customers heads for the one day a year that it rains in Southern California," according to its website. On the latter, the owners add, "We hope we aren't overpromising on this one."

Coincidentally, the weather forecast this week? Rain from midweek to Saturday.

Thanks to reader JB for the scoop!

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Roma D' Italia

611 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA

Category: Restaurant

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