'Sunday Night Chef Fights' Coming to Huntington Beach This Weekend

This seems like it could be fun: Something called Sunday Night Chef Fights is coming to Huntington Beach--when else?--this Sunday night. Chefs. Fight. Yeah!

It's essentially a live version of--take your pick--Iron Chef America or Chopped. If you see the video above, the participating chefs must use eggs, radishes and couscous in their dish, plus a secret ingredient that will be determined once the cooking starts. Tickets aren't cheap--$50 per person, or $75 for VIP seating, putting you a couple of feet away from the chefs instead of 10 feet or more. Get your tickets here.

Oh, the chefs are Phil Knoke of Steer Crazy Rock 'n' Roll Kitchen in San Juan Capistrano and Lindsay Smith-Rosales of Nirvana Grille in Laguna Beach See you there!

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