Carl's Jr. Spicy Chicken Sandwich With Jalapeños: My Go-to Crap Comfort Food

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Michelle Woo
Whenever I'm stressed (I'm a journalist, so that's now), I turn to junk food, and most often, it's the 99-cent Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Carl's Jr. I always ask for jalapeños, and they add them for free without question.    
Gustavo sees me eating these things at the office, so he asked me to write about what makes them so good. I hesitated, thinking they're not really a culinary wonder, but rather they just make happy. Stop judging me!

If you really must know . . .  

The patty is moist and spongy like a giant, more flavorful Chicken McNugget, not like that real-white-meat stuff they use at Chick-fil-A. The blob of mayo brings a cool creaminess that offsets the heat of the jalapeños. And the lettuce, while usually sad and flimsy, gives some texture to each bite.

All together, it warms my soul.  

I'm gross. I know it. Leave me alone. 

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