Panda Express Offering Free Food (Today Only!) to Celebrate Chinese New Year

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If you decide to celebrate Chinese New Year by dining at Panda Express, the ancestors might scorn you from the grave, but just tell them, "It's free!" and they'll likely smile in approval.

Today only, the chain is giving customers a complimentary single serving of its Firecracker Chicken Breast, a slightly fiery stir-fry dish featuring bell peppers, onions and chiles. Find the coupon here via the Panda Express Facebook page

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Martina McCoy
Martina McCoy

i was told that last week panda express was giving free food at its cedar hill locatlon and that each week they would be at a diffrent locatinn is this true or false


Missed it.

Still, good bargain Chinese eats @ Panda Express - better than most of the sit down Chinese places.

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