Former Laguna Beach Star Opens Casey's Cupcakes in Laguna Beach, Competes on Food Network's Cupcake Wars

Casey's Cupcakes
About a year after unveiling the Barbie-doll-esque Casey's Cupcakes at Mission Inn in Riverside, Casey Reinhardt is opening a second outpost of the confection boutique in Laguna Beach on Valentine's Day.

The cozy, 931-square-foot spot takes design inspiration from "a classic Parisian café, with a glamorous Hollywood twist," and will serve cupcakes made from a secret family recipe.

"I was 4 years old when my grandma first handed me one of her lovely, luscious cupcakes," writes Reinhardt, who appeared on MTV's Laguna Beach, on the shop's Facebook page. "Fresh and fluffy. Lighter than air. Its velvety frosting dusted with tiny confections. I was in heaven."

Casey's Cupcakes come in 12 flavors including Rockin' Red Velvet, Sassy Strawberry and Luscious Lemon. February's Cupcake of the Month is White Chocolate Cherry.

Reinhardt is also set to go cupcake-to-cupcake on Food Network's Cupcake Wars on Feb. 22.

Casey's Cupcakes, 303 Broadway St., Laguna Beach, (949) 715-8245;


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Omg! Sorry but she looks like a porn star holding a food. Kinda dirty.....


We just stopped in Casey's . . . the cupcakes were good, but nothing spectacular . . . and at $3.50 a pop.


Can't wait to stop in Casey's on Valentine's Day grand opening. Its about time Laguna got some competition for Scandia and Jean Pauls both of which lack good customer PR, I will be there.Tom B.Wave Street, Laguna


Can cupcakes die already? Please stop feeding this sad excuse of a fad.

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