Five Heart-Shaped Foods for Valentine's Day

So you forgot to make reservations, you neglected to buy a gift, and the flower shop has been picked bare. Don't worry. There's still one last-minute way to salvage Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped food.

You could do pancakes or pizza, but here are five slightly more original recipes, all guaranteed to make your sweetheart swoon--and save your procrastinating ass. 

1. Eggs and Toast

Martha Stewart Living
Simple, yet so impressive. Recipe at

2. OMG-Worthy Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Social
Cheese. Carbs. Nutella. Strawberries. If that doesn't say love right there, we're all screwed. Recipe at Grilled Cheese Social.

3. Burgers

Any gal who's totally cool with heart-shaped burgers on Valentine's Day is a keeper. Test her. Recipe at Instructables.

4. Ravioli

Annie's Eats
For the overachievers, there's heart-shaped homemade pasta. Four-cheese recipe at Annie's Eats.
5. Cake!

i am baker
A heart in a cake. Yeah, my mind is blown, too. Recipe at i am baker.

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