Dick Rivera, Head of Real Mex, to Retire


Nation's Restaurant News
has reported Dick Rivera is retiring as chairman and CEO of Real Mex, the Cypress-based parent company of El Torito, Chevys and other casual-dining Mexican-restaurant concepts.
Rivera's most-lasting legacy will stand with El Torito--he took a floundering franchise and improved the food from barely edible to okay, while pushing El Torito Grill to even better heights. More crucially, he welcomed back El Torito founder Larry J. Cano as an unofficial adviser, treating him with the respect the man deserves instead of a museum piece. Good luck to Rivera, whatever his next endeavor may be, whether operating another chain or hitting the links.

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OK, I'm no expert on expert on Mexican Cuisine like our esteemed Gustavo, but I can confidently say all those restaurants suck balls.

/El Torito Grill is tolerable.


Like I said: they're okay now. Never willingly go to those spots, but much-better than where they were a couple of years ago...

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