Crepes Bonaparte Named One of America's Top 20 Food Trucks by QSR

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One of their beauties...

 This is actually a cool honor: QSR Magazine put Crepes Bonaparte on its list of the top 20 food trucks (really, luxe loncheras because not a single actual lonchera was mentioned).
"Crepes Bonparte's mustachioed truck ('Gaston') features custom-made crêpe griddles on which customers can view their crêpes' creation by a beret-wearing chef while listening to French pop music," wrote Daniel P. Smith. It's the only OC luxe lonchera to make the list.

I personally don't think it's the best of its ilk in OC (to me, Piaggio's and Barcelona On the Go are better), but Crepes Bonaparte does deserve the praise--congrats!

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The idea of "National Food writing" is ridiculous. How could they even know everything that's out there? Especially trucks, which move around and have very specific hours in which they're available. Did a team of writers really travel to all those cities and compare the food? Doubtful.

To me, the best food trucks have a special raison d'etre. Like Kogi. Chef has a crazy idea and wants to put Korean BBQ in tortillas? He can't afford a restaurant, but can lease a truck. Food truck craze is born! So many of the new trucks have good food, but it's nothing I haven't had before. Pulled pork sandwich? I know there's not a smoker on that truck... so no. Give me something unique.


I agree Gustavo, while it's not OC's best truck it still is a solid truck and its always nice to have OC represented on that list :) Congrats to Crepes Bonaparte, they do make a solid crepe though and beat many of the brick and mortar crepe places here in Orange County. What baffles me about that list though is that it seems more like the writer watched Food Network's Great Food Truck Race and just listed all the trucks he liked, because Nom Nom, seriously?


Dig: You compare this with the NY Times' bánh mì disaster, and you start wondering about national coverage of food. Say what people may about our blog, but at least we go out there and try food!


Here's what I want to see.... instead of an article about the 20 "best" trucks in this huge wonderful country, give me good in depth articles about the 10 "best" trucks in 20 major cities around the US. Then, if I go to visit Seattle or Chicago, I have a resource that can help me make dining decisions. Their article was just confounding.

(And of course, I don't mean for YOU to do this. I mean for whoever claims to have the resources to write about trucks nationally to do this.)

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