Blackmarket Bakery 'Cake Open House' This Saturday

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Stopped by Blackmarket Bakery this morning to munch on some carb delights and found out Rachel Klemek and the gang are scheming up something new in their kitchen laboratory.

The last open house I attended showcased their love of wine flour. Penne pasta caberneti and nutty noir Cabernet brownie samples were served up alongside other treats. I also recall goodie bags for the early birds and a Barcelona On the Go appearance. What are we in store for this round?

From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, it'll be a baking bacchanal.

Are you a hands-on person? Is DIY your middle name?  The bakery team want to show you how easy it is to decorate on your own. Leave the tasty cake base to them and watch real-time demos on personalizing desserts. Get your questions answered. Maybe there will be an opportunity to try your hand with their . . .

 . . . coupon and drawings! Special fliers available in-store offer a $5 (not footlong) deal. Order your own two- or three-tier cake online and redeem the flier for five bucks back when you pick up your treat. Of course, you could just turn that money around and pick up a lil' shortbread for your sweetheart--just sayin'. If you're feeling lucky, stick around for the chance to win a free cake. Who gives away entire cakes these days? Rachel does. If a sure thing is what you're seeking, go ahead and line up for those . . .

. . . samples galore! Figure out if you're more of a cake-, tart- or confection-lover. I'm more of a mini-tart--wait, that didn't come out right. Let's hope you had a light brekkie and left room for all that sugar and spice. I mean, they did win the OC Weekly's Best Bakery award last year. If you're in it for the food trucks, no worries: Dogzilla and Piaggio On Wheels will be open for lunch service.

Check out the only open house that won't involve HOAs or escrows. Resistance is futile.

Blackmarket Bakery, 17941 SkyPark Circle, Ste. E, Irvine, (949) 852-4609;

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Blackmarket Bakery

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Needs a cake
Needs a cake

2/12/2011 I am having a birthday dinner and saw Blackmarket Bakery being advertised in conjunction with another business that I frequent, and that's how I found out about Blackmarket Bakery and the open house. I need a birthday cake.

Long story short, the staff members in the back were content to stay in the back and deflect questions. The cashier is doing her job. And the only person available to place an order with or find out what I'm looking for was the owner. In the end, the owner states they dont do creative cakes anymore, it's the tiered cakes now. There were no samples on hand as advertised, I don't know if all the freebie people ate it. And the owner had no time to take an order because the OC weekly writer had just arrived and she is more important because it's marketing. I stood there with my sample for awhile, ignored, I dont know how I was supposed to eat it and it was gooey, and nobody wanted to take a cake order, so I asked the cashier would it be better to place an order for a cake at a later time? The cashier thought that was a good idea, and quickly went to do something behind the register, without asking for my contact information so we could get this done. I set my cake sample down and left.

Cakes is a competitive market, everyone is making cakes - creative cakes. So when you get someone in your store ready to order, you take the order, that's what the promotion is for. Have more people on the floor to handle questions being asked, or more importantly, to complete the orders and accept payment for them. You're going to have every jane and joe in there looking for a freebie, but I think the goal is to bring in business and take cake orders; jane and joe complaining that the coffee pot is out of free coffee isn't bring in money. My suggestion is to hire temporary people for these kinds of promotions that are sales oriented and people friendly, and that are ready to take cake orders; people that act like they don't want to talk to you isn't good.


We are so sorry to hear your feedback regarding the open house. Thank you for sharing your comments so that we can improve our customer service in the future. Unfortunately, our event was short staffed (last minute schedule conflict) and we did not have extra time to speak in detail about your cake. Our new cake focus is to simplify the ordering process - ie online-ordering - and streamline the designs as well. I apologize that you felt ignored as that was never our intention as we were trying to do our best with the large turnout.

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