Short Film Documents American History As One Big Food Fight (SFW Video)

It's always the kids who didn't listen when their parents said not to play with their food who make the most creative videos as adults. Food Fight by Stefan Nadelman is a stop-action video of American history from World War II to the present day, using food in place of countries: Pearl Harbor as sushi landing on hamburgers, goi cuon chasing off croissants, lox-covered bagels letting kebabs have it--you get the picture. And what better day to view it than today, President's Day?

The mutually assured destruction between the Big Mac and the beef Stroganoff was worth it.

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I was amazed when I thought that OCWeekly had brought me this video first among all the food and politics blogs that I follow. But then I saw the 2006 copyright notice.

Thanks for the entertainment, Dave... and for the reminder to check the Best Before dates on my food.

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