Yum! Brands, Parent Company of Taco Bell, to Sell Long John Silver's and A & W All-American Food

Categories: Chain Reactions
I know some things about old Southern California restaurant chains, but not all. I remember Pioneer Chicken (I still delight in seeing its old signs reformatted to plug a Mexican restaurant), and I also remember Bob's Big Boy. But what was A & W? I remember the root beer, but I've seen vestiges of the restaurant at older burger stands--a couple in Fullerton, I think one in Brea, and that's about it.

I did know A & W was a sister company of Taco Bell--but not anymore.

Nation's Restaurant News reported yesterday that Yum! Brands is selling A & W and Long John Silver's so it can concentrate more on its terrible trio: Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. Yay! That means higher quality for the Bell! Don't we wish. . . .

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