Warm-You-Up Lunch: Curry Udon at Chaya in Costa Mesa

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Michelle Woo
On a cold, rainy day, a hot bowl of noodle soup is as comforting as a Snuggie and a rom-com marathon. (Hey, I'm a chick.)  All I seem to want for lunch in this dreary weather is some steamy ramen or udon for the soul. 

Chaya is becoming a go-to spot for several of us at the Weekly. The Japanese grill (and "Internet comic café") offers hearty curry-rice plates, katsu bowls and other basic Asian fast-food-type items. The curry udon, my favorite dish so far, is spiced perfectly and packed with a good amount of onions and peppers. The noodles are cooked well, though I'd prefer them just slightly firmer. Still, at $5.99, I could slurp this often.          

Chaya, 3030 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, (714) 436-5798; www.chayateahouse.com.

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