This Week In Food: Luxe Lonchera Porn, Getting "Whited" at a Restaurant, and Four Loko-Run Cars?!

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The first week of the year is done--just 100 more to go before the Mayan calendar finishes! To get your mind off that horrible deadline, the best of last week after the jump!

Dave sparked a lot of conversations this week--his post on great South County bagels, an interview with birfer godmother Orly Taitz and his brilliant coining of a new term to describe how non-ethnics get treated at ethnic restaurants: "whited." But can a Mexican get whited?

Edwin went On the Line with one of the Bruxie guys, found a new Okinawan restaurant in Tustin, and reported on a company trying to turn the already-mythologized Four Loko drink into ethanol for cars.

My big contribution to our food section wasn't on the blog, but rather our cover story this week: the history of the El Torito chain. But I also put two great potato tacos against each other; reported that activists are trying to convince the Board of Supervisors to allow the homeless, disabled and elderly to use food stamps at restaurants; and tried to make sense of a report that doesn't list Orange County as a great place to open a fast-food franchise.

Michelle, meanwhile, enjoyed curry udon. And Shuji railed against those imperial Brits messing with how big a beer vessel can be.

Happy eating!

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