INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things You Should Know About Sriracha

Infographic by Nadia Afghani/OC Weekly
There are few hot sauces with a (well-deserved) cult following, such as those who love that familiar burn of Rooster Sauce in that plastic bottle with the green top.

And in order to properly celebrate today's release of The Sriracha Cookbook, we've put together a nifty infographic with the help of artist Nadia Afghani.

After the jump: 10 things every lover of Sriracha should know about the hot sauce.

Click to enlarge!

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Cecil Hayduke
Cecil Hayduke

eh. Tran didn't invent it and the stuff with the green top is jalapeno sauce, not sriracha, which is made with Thai chiles. Try one made in Thailand and you'll see.

Also, sir-rotch-ah is an inaccurate transliteration of how the place in Thailand is actually pronounced. Besides that, I'm sure something on that poster is correct.


I think they meant to say: "clearly proving its popularity" — not "barely".


if you want to try a great hot sauce...California Habanero Blends~ Garlic Key Lime...if you can get your hands on a bottle of that...its like liquid GOLD...


Sriracha is good, but Cholula is still better!


The red letters in this infographic give me a MASSIVE headache. They're jumping off the screen and appear blurry as well. Anyone else?


one thing i knowif i use too much i get the cramps and the runs


It's also a great immigrant to America success story. It's more than just another hot sauce, it's practically a staple.

Life, The Game of -1 ea.
Life, The Game of -1 ea.

They're proud of not adding water, but the second ingredient (in a hot sauce, no less) is sugar, a poison that will make many of you miserable at a relatively young age. Read “Sugar Blues" or other widely available books on the subject to understand why you're overweight, have trouble concentrating at certain times of the day, feel inappropriately tired after meals, and are in the process of developing the symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, ....

Ten years from now, will you be the one who says, “Thank God I discovered the impact of sugar and other refined carbs while I was still young enough to do something”? Of course, not! I mean, you’re not dumb enough to listen to some babbling idiot on an alternative-newspaper Web site, are you? Well, R U, punk?

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