Ron Jeremy Makes Porno Starring OC-Based Luxe Lonchera Flying Pig Truck!

Two years ago, recession porn was in: repo guy or girl comes to repossess home from guy or girl, delinquent guy or girl asks if they could do anything to save the home, and voila! A DP for the save!

Last year, it was Tea Party porn: angry constituents go to their elected officials, or protesters get thrown in jail, or . . . you get the picture.

This year? It's luxe lonchera porn. Our sister blog Squid Ink reports that OC-based luxe lonchera Flying Pink Pig (I've never seen one 'round town, but its contact phone number has a 714 area code, so it's ours) will be featured in the Masterpiece Theater presentation at right. In addition to Sunny Lane, whose body of work you can check out for yourself at Tube8, the other big names involved are the Danny Ainge of porn, Ron Jeremy, and Nikki Hunter, who is gracefully aging into MILF territory.

When to buy this magnum opus after the jump!

Late January. Spanky's will no doubt carry it. . . .

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