Review Pile-Up on San Juan Capistrano's Sol del Sur

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Photo by JC Vera
What we have here is a perfect storm of press over the Southern Sun. Yesterday, The Orange County Register published a review by our friend Jeff Overley on Dave Emery's Sol del Sur in San Juan Capistrano. This is the same exact day that my own review came out. Jeff liked it as much as I did. Sol del Sur's outing was long overdue.

What's even more interesting is that our photographers descended on the small bistro on the same day within minutes of each other.

On Jan. 6, Emery tweeted the following:

"Photos being taken by OCWeekly of our food, restaurant, etc., so that's pretty cool!"

"Now the OC Register was here for over an hour taking photos of our food, me making it, the restaurant, etc. also pretty cool!"

Dave Lieberman--who was the first to review the place on this very blog when a reader named 1000steps, um, stepped up to answer his "South County: Tell Us Where to Eat!" challenge--said it best when he sent all of us Forkers an e-mail after he realized what had just occurred:

"That poor man. He is going to get swamped like a motherf---er."

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Sol Del Sur Bistro

31115 Rancho Viejo Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Category: Restaurant

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1000steps - stop by any time, free dessert is waiting! Thx! - Dave Emery, Chef/Owner, Sol Del Sur BIstro


I really need to claim a free dessert or something. In all seriousness, glad he's getting praise.

Jeff Overley
Jeff Overley

Seriously 1000, that was one hell of a tip.

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