Possibly the Best Butter Commercial Ever

Is there a better ingredient than real, honest butter? I think not. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I'd like take a moment to share this production for a food product that deserves a nomination for the best food commercial ever.
Now, compare and contrast with what we produce.
Why is it the Europeans consistently hand our asses to us when it comes to well-produced, creative and beautifully filmed television? I'm thinking of the English Top Gear vs. its American spinoff here. They even throttle us with production quality on TV ads. Compare and contrast this turd of a commercial for fake butter:

Note to American ad agencies and marketing departments: aim higher.

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The Late Ixo
The Late Ixo

Nice commercial, although it certainly can't compare in drama and visceral impact to the warm and witty productions of 1914 and 1939, especially when that old, crippled graybeard (symbolizing European culture) finally completes his tally in 1945 by walking through row after row of white crosses (more great symbolism) and counting ... 69,999,998, 69,999,999, 70,000,000 .... Yep, the Europeans "hand our asses to us when it comes to well-produced, creative and beautifully filmed" statements about who they are and what they care to eat. Trouble is, they've run out of that kind of cemetery space and now have to eat crow instead of fight wars. But I bet they’ll do something more sparky than cover the bird in American ketchup!


Great ad, unfortunately it would probably part of a lawsuit regarding obesity in the US. Instead we get the second ad which should prompt a lawsuit for being an assault to your senses.

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