On The Line: Dean Simon of Bruxie, Part Three

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We conclude our Q&A with Dean Simon of Bruxie with a recipe. And it's a special one, coinciding with its actual debut to the public, today. Here's a hint: In November, Bruxie opened with a Pumpkin Spice shake, and last month, they offered two holiday shakes--Egg Nog (with fresh nutmeg) and Candy Cane.

Yes, Bruxie is sharing the recipe for its newest shake flavor. See what it is after the jump.

If you missed the first or second part of our interview with Dean, click here and here.

(Makes 4 shakes)

Date Paste:
½ lb. chopped dates
1 C. milk
Combine in a blender until smooth.

2 C. date paste
2 C. milk
1 qt. Bruxie Frozen Custard (prepacked, $12.95; alternate: vanilla ice cream)
Blend together.

Fresh whipped cream

Or, if you'd rather not make it yourself, you can get one at Bruxie starting TODAY!

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