New $10 Million Dinner Theater to Debut Feb. 1 in Anaheim

Last year, we saw Tustin's Curtain Call Dinner Theater take its final bow. This year, starting on Feb. 1, Anaheim will up the net gain of dinner theaters by one. Battle of the Dance is Medieval Times meets Dancing With the Stars--a dinner theater show that aims to cover Bollywood, Michael Flatley and everything in between while serving you food and libations. Think of The Evolution of Dance, but done by a whole troupe and with pyrotechnics.

The $10 million project is currently hiring and putting the finishing touches on its building at 2232 S. Harbor Blvd., where a long-vacant Toys R Us building stood. It may not be Spider-Man, but methinks there's a market for this. Just ask your wife or girlfriend.

For the $60 base admission price, you get to see 30 to 40 performers get out of breath while you eat a full meal: appetizers, shrimp Caesar Salad or vegetable soup, prime rib or chicken, mashed potatoes with "seasonal vegetables," and dessert. Let's see the AMC Theater top that spread. . . .

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Phillip Signey
Phillip Signey

If I want dinner and Show, I will take a sack lunch to Radio City (Calvin Trillin)

J. J. Hunsecke
J. J. Hunsecke

Disney, Hollywood, etc., need these kinds of bullpens to keep the talent handy and occupied while waiting for a break, so it's not just our wives and girlfriends who welcome the new dinner theater. Is anyone looking into who's behind primary investor Andrés Gelabert -- the bigger the group, the better the chance for success -- or have you been swamped trying to ID ethnic communities that aren't getting 1.033% of the OC restaurant action, even though they comprise 1.033% of the mamas and papas stumbling along the street?

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