JAX Donut House in Anaheim Gets College Field Trips, Good Food Segment Because of Gustavo's Dad!

About a year ago, I got one of the most bizarre requests of my professional career: Fullerton College Professor Jerry Padilla asked me to make sure my dad and his friends were getting doughnuts the following Saturday.

The profe wanted to take his students on a field trip of significant places in the history of Mexican Orange County--and one of them in his estimation was JAX Donut House in Anaheim. I mention the shop in my Orange County: A Personal History because that's where my father and hundreds of men from his home region of Jerez, Zacatecas, have spent their morning for the past 35 years. Padilla took his students to interview the men, get a glimpse of the zacatecano diaspora in the flesh and enjoy the cinnamon buns I've consumed my entire life. They're little more than glaze, frying oil and dough, but my, how nostalgia influences taste buds.

I mentioned this weirdness to my producer at KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food With Evan Kleinam, and she suggested we do a radio segment. It aired this past Saturday, and we even caught Padilla taking another group of students to JAX. The segment after the jump!

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