Irvine Holds Its Restaurant Week Starting Jan. 14, Runs Till Jan. 20

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Edwin Goei
A drink and an appetizer at Zov's Bistro, one of the participating restaurants
Costa Mesa is currently doing a Restaurant Month, and later this month, Newport Beach will hold its "weeklong" restaurant roundup Jan. 21-27.

But Irvine's is just before that. It actually starts this Friday and does not have that many restaurants participating.

Though the website optimistically phrases it as "nearly a dozen restaurants," I count exactly nine.

They are:

  • 6ix Park Grill
  • Andrei's
  • Waterfalls at The Atrium Hotel
  • Elements 102
  • Kimera
  • Meritage
  • Zov's
  • The Melting Pot
  • Il Fornaio

But remember what I praised the Costa Mesa Restaurant Month for? Ease of use? Information on the prix-fixe lunch or dinner menus at a flick of the fingertips on the main page, where one can find it?

No such luck here. Every restaurant on Irvine's restaurant-week site has a link that opens up a separate PDF with the menus. Oh, well, at least there aren't that many of them to begin with.

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Neale Smull
Neale Smull

Why is every city having a restaurant week/month at the same time. Better to spread it out. Only so many meals one can eat. ;-)

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