Flavor Rush Truck has Much of the Former, Little of the Latter

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Ustedes know that I don't seek out luxe loncheras, that I will only review them if they come within walking distance of Weekly world headquarters. That's why I tried a new one today, one that's about a week old: the Flavor Rush Truck.

It's a very limited menu at this point--chili, sliders, fries and an Italian sausage and peppers on the baguette. The sliders come in short rib, lamb, and pork form, but I was put off by them calling a trio of them a "Menage a Trois." Don't paint me as a prude--I'm all about Carmella Bing right now--but, seriously? Calling a threesome of something a menage a trois? HOW edgy.

Instead, I went for the sausage and peppers--nearly perfect. Peppers and onions sauteed to that magical near-caramelized state, when the juices seep onto the bread to make the fluff soft but not make the full bread soggy. A chewy, peppery sausage. Instead of a roll, they used a baguette, which worked, its sweetness magnified due to the veggie juices. A good sandwich at $5, but they should use a little bit more length of baguette for that cost.

The only other quirk with this truck is the ordering: I ordered my meal, then had three guys order sliders after me. They received their food first. Does a proper sausage and peppers take that long? It shouldn't...but I have faith the Flavor Rush Truck will solve that issue. And their triad naming...

Follow the Flavor Rush Truck on Twitter at @flvrush.

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