[UPDATE: Never Mind!] Arizona Restaurant Serving Lion Meat Tacos

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UPDATE, TUES., JAN. 25, 10:13 A.M.: Never mind. The restaurant has scrapped its Mufasa tacos due to "safety concerns and death threats."

ORIGINAL ITEM, JAN. 24, 5 P.M.: What is it about Arizona restaurants and lion meat? Last summer, around the time of the World Cup in South Africa, a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, decided it was a good idea to serve lion-meat burgers to commemorate the event. There was more than a little controversy regarding the source of the Simba meat.

Now it's a Tucson restaurant's turn, with lion tacos for $8.75 a pop. The owner of Boca Tacos y Tequila, a Mexican restaurant close to the University of Arizona campus known for exotic meats, told the Arizona Daily Star they're procuring the meat from a farm in Perris, Califonia, that raises lions for food.

Interested in being part of the "Circle of Life"?  You must pre-order your African-lion taco by 3 p.m. Feb. 7; it will then be served to you on Feb. 16. 

It is not known whether you can get a side of warthog or meerkat.

UPDATE: According to the Arizona Daily Star, the offer has been rescinded due to threats.

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Damn! I wanted to have me some lion tacos after some pre-season baseball this Spring.

Parley Baer
Parley Baer

Did you know that some greedy -- often corporate-owned -- OC restaurants serve the muscle of large mammals raised specifically to be eaten? After corporate employees kill, skin, and butcher the animal, its muscle is ground to bits with sharp steel spikes, formed into patties, and smothered with cheese, lettuce, onions -- anything that will mask its true nature. Shouldn't alternative newspapers be doing stories on this barbaric activity?

Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog


Your issue pales in comparison to the threat of lion meat proliferation in Orange County.

The Foodie Gossip
The Foodie Gossip

I'm with you. Cows are not an endangered species. This isn't about whether eating meat in general is bad or not. It's about not encouraging the slaughter of a species that has lost 30% of its population over the past to decades.


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